Saturday, 4 May 2013

Congratulations Councillor Ian Thomas!!!

This will be the final post of this blog and marks the end of this election. I hope that those of you who have read it have found it helpful, particularly if you are a voter in Redruth South.

After the votes were counted it was finally announced on Friday afternoon that Ian Thomas (Independent) had achieved the most votes and was confirmed as our Cornwall Councillor for Redruth South.

The voting figures for Redruth South were as follows:

Ian Thomas (Independent) - 342 Votes (41%)

Will Tremayne (Labour) - 311 Votes (38%)

Ray Wyse (UKIP) - 173 Votes (21%)

Redruth South has a total of 3062 registered electors. Total number of votes cast was 826 giving a turn out this time of 27%. This is a significant fall from last time when 39% of us voted.

There were 471 postal votes which represents 57% of the votes cast.

All the facts and figures are set out on the Cornwall Council web site.

Redruth South results (opens in a new window)

The picture across the County was intriguing and once again no one political party or grouping has overall control of the Council. We now have our first 6 UKIP Councillors, 8 Labour Councillors and a Green Party Councillor.

The Conservative and Liberal Democrats who were the two largest groups on the Council previously with 88 of the 123 seats between them (Con 50, LD 38), saw gains and losses in various places. Overall the central government coalition parties have ended up with 67 seats between them (Con 31, LD 36). Theoretically this would enable them to join forces and control the Council however it remains to be seen whether they would reach agreement at a local level to make this work, or whether there would be a desire for them to work together with a General Election only 2 years away.

Before this election Cornwall Council was governed by a coalition of Conservative and Independent councillors. Again, theoretically these two groups have just enough Councillors between them to control the Council and form a cabinet. However by definition the Independent Councillors are not a political party so it will be interesting to see whether there is sufficient appetite or common ground amongst them to enable a viable cabinet to be constructed. 

Over the next few weeks there will clearly be much discussion and debate as our Councillors try to form a Cabinet.


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  1. Just a brief note to say thank you to all the residents of Redruth South for voting and for their support during the election ... and for the constructive comments too!

    My thanks also go to all of those who either proposed, seconded or nominated me and to Mark for creating this Blog and encouraging the democratic process.

    I promise that I will continue to serve Redruth to the best of my ability and to listen to the community and respond to their voice.

    Best wishes. Cllr Ian Thomas.