Thursday, 25 April 2013

Health and Social Services

There is a policy agenda to bring Social Care and Health services together. What do you see as the main risks and opportunities for Cornwall arising from this?

Ian Thomas (Independent)

The merging of Social Care and Health Services may provide an opportunity to resolve the gaps between the two services which currently put the more vulnerable at risk.  A combined service and budget may provide more joined-up care across the hospital, mental health and care sectors.  The proposals could also see Cornwall Council being much more involved in making decisions about the Health Service and the possibility of Hospitals expanding into the community and potentially running some of our Care Homes.

However, there is a risk that the clinical commissioning groups (the new bodies taking control of Health budgets) could be undermined with, potentially, some power being taken away from Doctors and Nurses.

Will Tremayne (Labour)

A close and effective working relationship between social services and the health care provider is essential for a smooth running experience for the service user and should be encouraged. However I do have concerns that any changes should not cost jobs, services or be outsourced to companies that take the services out of Cornwall. 

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