Thursday, 25 April 2013

Redruth South candidate responses in ....

Hi all,

I'm pleased to report that I've had responses to my list of questions from 2 of our 3 Cornwall Council candidates, Ian Thomas (Independent) and Will Tremayne (Labour). Unfortunately Ray Wyse (UKIP) has not provided me with his responses by the 5pm deadline that I set.

The list of questions were divided into a number of subject areas. Obviously we all have our pet subjects so in order to help you to home in on the the issues that you care most about I will post up the responses under separate posts for each subject area. I will also post each candidate's full response.

I think its going to be quite a busy evening on the blogging front for me ....

Whilst writing, I also wanted to let you know that this blog is attracting a bit of interest. Since I started in just over a week ago we've had approximately 300 page views and candidates in other parts of Cornwall have made mention of it on Twitter. Of course compared to some experienced and professional bloggers this amount of interest would be considered pretty low, but as a first time blogger, and given the general limited interest that there seems to be in Local Elections I'm quite pleased with that.  So if you wish to post a comment you can be sure that others will be reading it and it would be great to have some debate!  

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