Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I have heard from the local press that there have been "hustings" debates held in some towns (Camborne and Penzance to name just 2) in  Cornwall over the last week or so. Typically they're organised by the local Chamber of Commerce. To my knowledge we've not had one in Redruth though (I may have missed it though).

Does anyone out there think it would be worthwhile having a hustings debate? Not sure whether it would be feasible to arrange one but if there's an appetite we could look into it. Views welcomed.

Good to see some comments now appearing on the blog including some comments and responses to questions from two of the candidates - Ian Thomas and Will Tremayne.

Just over a week to go now before Polling Day so if you are unsure who to vote for and want to put a question to our candidates or simply have a point that you wish to put across please feel free to use this blog as a way of doing it. 

As I said the other day, I will be posting any responses that I get from the candidates to the questions tomorrow evening so please watch this space.

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