Thursday, 25 April 2013

Welfare Reform

The Government is reducing welfare benefits and the Council has decided to charge people who previously received Council Tax benefit. Do you agree with what they are doing? How do you think this will impact the community in Redruth South? What are your ideas for dealing with these impacts?

Ian Thomas (Independent)

A number of matters ‘collide’ here, sensitive matters that affect not only Redruth South, but the whole nation. 

Clearly there is a need for Welfare Reform as none of us can live in an economic climate where, in effect, the country and, maybe, the Unitary Authority might be threatened by bankruptcy yet benefits are being given without a thorough assessment of need.  I believe that there is something morally wrong, if nothing else, living in a society where some appear to be claiming benefits and living the life of Riley whilst others struggle to make ends meet though in full and gainful employment and without such financial support. 

The dilemma I have is how do we protect and support those in our community who are the most vulnerable, desperate and in genuine need – I and you both probably know of families where the work ethic doesn’t exist and other families where everyone works and yet life is a continual struggle.

Am I in favour of some form of means testing, well, whilst I know it will make me unpopular in some quarters, on balance I have to say that I am. 

Will Tremayne (Labour) 

Most people agree that the deficit needs to be reduced but it is wrong that central government has chosen to target the least well off whilst giving massive tax cuts to millionaires. This isn’t about making tough choices its about making the wrong choices. 

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