Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Some basic information about the election

I'm Mark Ellis and I live in Redruth. We're just about to have elections for Cornwall Council Unitary authority. Traditionally turn out for local elections is low but the decisions Councillors make affect us all. e.g Planning, Council Tax, parking charges, Social Services, stadium for Cornwall, Leisure Centres etc.

As I live in Redruth (Redruth South Division) I wanted to find out about the candidates and what the issues are but found that the information is not all in one place. This blog is my attempt to bring the information together. I'm not a political expert and will try to present information in an unbiased manner so that voters can read it and make their own minds up.

I'll be putting some information up here that is already in the public domain and am hoping to put some questions to the candidates and post their answers. 

Any comments or suggestions welcomed!

Here is some basic info about Redruth South, what happened at the last election in 2009 and who the candidates are this time

Link to a Map of Redruth South Division  

Link to 2009 Election results for Redruth South


May 2013 Election Candidates

Thomas Ian


Wheal Mary
TR16 4BX

e-mail: ithomas@redruth-tc.gov.uk

Tremayne Will

Labour Party Candidate

13 North Street
TR15 1HJ

email: willtremayne@googlemail.com
Twitter: @cornishhedger
Tel: 01209 314330

Wyse Ray

UK Independence Party (UK I P)

29 Penpol Terrace
TR27 4BQ

Contact Details to follow

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