Thursday, 18 April 2013

Redruth South Candidate Leaflets

I've had leaflets through the door from 2 of the 3 candidates so far. Here is a summary of the information (candidates listed in Alphabetical (surname) order)

If you have questions please contact the candidates.

Ian Thomas (Independent)

Tel: 01209 213751

Ian urges us to:

"Vote for Passion, Compassion and People, NOT POLITICS - VOTE THOMAS" 

Ian's election leaflet sets out details of his family and career background, tells us of his service on Redruth Town Council and stresses his independence. Ian says he is not a member of, or affiliated to, any political party or Trade Union. 
Ian states his beliefs as:

  • The voice of our communities being listened to and their views acted upon – not top down politics
  • Growing stronger communities
  • Respect and tolerance of culture
  • Care for the most vulnerable in society whether they be children, young people, the elderly or infirm 

"I whole-heartedly believe in, and wish to encourage social, community and family values as fundamental principles of each and every day of our lives. I listen, I hear and I act"   

Will Tremayne (Labour)

Tel 01209 314330
Twitter: @cornishhedger

On his leaflet Will pledges to:
  • Promote a strong local economy
  • Keep Cornwall moving by protecting and improving public transport
  • Safeguard public services: EDUCATION, LIBRARIES, SOCIAL and YOUTH services
  • Support neighbourhood policing and fight cuts to frontline police officers
  • Fight for Carn Brea Leisure Centre

Unfortunately I'm still unable to provide an update about the other candidate, Ray Wyse (UKIP). As soon a possible I'll update this blog with further details about Ray, his contact details and details of his campaign.

If anyone reading this has ideas about how this blog can reach a wider audience please get in touch.

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