Thursday, 25 April 2013

Reasons for Standing

Why did you decide to stand for Cornwall Council in Redruth South division?

Ian Thomas (Independent)

I have had a latent ambition to stand for Cornwall Council for a number of years and then, recently, I read an article which suggested that the community needed and wanted leaders who

·         could and would take decisions in the best interests of Cornwall and not of any political doctrine
·         make decisions based on common-sense and by taking the views of the electorate into consideration regardless of political persuasion
·         wouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, even tough and awkward ones, in overview and scrutiny panels
·         were prepared to take corporate responsibility for the Council’s decisions and their implementation without running away or burying their heads in the sand.

I thought for a moment … then said “That’s me!”

Will Tremayne (Labour)

I was born on Falmouth Rd and grew up around the streets of Redruth. My children all attend Trewigie School as I did. I am passionate about the people and the town of Redrtuh. I want to see this Town get the best out of its council. 

What qualifies you to be a good Cornwall Councillor for Redruth South?

Ian Thomas (Independent)

I have been a Town Councillor since 2004, serving the Redruth South Ward between 2004 and 2007 and, likewise, the Redruth North Ward from 2007 until the present time.  I have also served the community as Redruth Town Mayor during the years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012.

This ‘apprenticeship’ has resulted in a very good track record of performance and delivery and I am renowned for listening, hearing and acting on the views of the people I serve.

I also have a thorough understanding of how a Local Authority works through both my service as a Town Councillor and Mayor and as an Officer of what was then the Cornwall County Fire Brigade and Cornwall County Council from 1987 until 2009. 

Will Tremayne (Labour)

Having been on the Town council for 2 years I have good insight into the issues that affect the people of Redruth.  I walk daily through the town and talk to town traders and parents at the school gate.
I am passionate about Redruth and have the drive to ensure that these voices are heard at county level.

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