Friday, 19 April 2013

Messages from political parties NOT fielding candidates in Redruth South

We've got three candidates to choose from in Redruth South  but voters may have noticed that some political groups who we might expect to field a candidate are notable by their absence. 

If you support the Conservatives, Lib Dems, Mebyon Kernow or the Green party you may be wondering how to cast your vote. 

I have asked each of these parties for the reasons why they do not have a candidate in Redruth South this time for their advice to their supporters about how to vote. Here are the responses I've had from the Conservatives, the Lib Dems and the Greens. Still awaiting a response from Mebyon Kernow but will post up as and when it arrives.

Message from Stuart Odgers of Conservative Party (extract from e-mail - I must point out that I am NOT a Conservative supporter or affiliated to any of the Political parties or candidates in this election)

"First our apologies that you, as a Conservative supporter, find yourself not able to vote for a Conservative candidate.

Last September we approached a very well known, previously a Town Councillor, to discuss the possibility of representing us in Redruth South. Following acceptance of our offer, we set about preparing for the May election. Then in February I received a letter in which the candidate stated he wished to withdraw and not fight the election.

Following repeated telephone calls and e-mail to another well known local political figure, who we were reliably informed would consider standing for us, we did not even receive the courtesy of a reply.

Third time lucky, we finally appointed a well known, highly regarded figure in local politics. Who we considered would have a very good chance of winning this seat. Two days prior to nomination papers being submitted to the election officer, we received a letter, that due to an illness within the family, a decision which I highly respect and which is very distressing for the family, the nomination was withdrawn.

Have we been unlucky? I think we have. It was not that we have not worked hard to put up a candidate in your ward. I fully understand your frustration and disappointment not having the opportunity to vote for a Conservative candidate.

You also asked for advice which candidate you should vote for. I find it difficult to advise you which candidate to vote for. I do not know sufficiently the background of any of the candidates who have put themselves forward. If you decide to go out and vote, may I suggest you read their leaflets and when they call around to see you, ask questions what they will do for Redruth. 

From recent reports in the local papers, it appears Redruth has proved difficult to persuade people to enter local politics. The Town Council attracted only seven people, while fourteen seats are available to form a complete represented council. Regrettably they will probably lose their Quality Council status.

You can be assured this situation will not arise again. I thank you as a Conservative supporter and will hopefully continue to be so with the European elections next year.  We already have three candidates in place. Followed by the General Election in 2015, our MP, George Eustice, will be putting himself forward for re-election.

Which makes your position and our Association especially sad and regrettable. George has worked hard with the Town Council and other agencies to secure the Cornish Archives in Redruth. Everyone sees as a good opportunity to hopefully regenerate the fortunes of the Town Centre in both business investment, tourism and heritage. Let alone the redevelopment of The Old Brewery site.

Again our sincere apologies and hopefully I have explained that faced with very regrettable circumstances, we certainly tried to ensure Redruth South did have (three times) a Conservative candidate in place.

Kind Regards

Stuart Odgers
Chairman, Camborne Redruth Conservative Association"

Message from Anna Pascoe of Lib Dem Party

Hi Mark,
Our longstanding councillors and candidates in Redruth unfortunately all retired this year.
We are actively seeking new candidates to mentor and develop and would invite anyone interested to get in touch.
Voters in the area should contact the candidates they are considering voting for and quiz them on their key opinions and interests to help make their mind up who is the best choice.
Hope that helps and good luck with the site,
Best wishes

Message from Tim Andrewes of West Cornwall Green Party 

Hi Mark

Thanks for getting in touch. I can't really be of much help to you I 
am afraid, as we are spending all our time campaigning in the 
divisions we are contesting.  I would suggest that all voters take 
the opportunity to contact the candidates and ask them questions 
about the issues that concern them.

Best wishes

Tim Andrewes

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