Monday, 22 April 2013

Response to questions received from Ian Thomas (Ind)

Yes I've had a response to the questionnaire from Redruth South candidate Ian Thomas (Ind). Thank you Ian for taking time out to do this. I'm sure it will prove helpful to voters in making an informed decision on May 2nd. Hopefully the responses from Will Tremayne (Labour) and Ray Wyse (UKIP) will also follow shortly.

As I wrote in my post of yesterday I will be publishing Ian's responses to the questions, together with responses received from the other candidates this Thursday evening.

Watch this space.

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  1. The following Question was sent to all three Redruth South Candidates

    Dear Candidates,

    Being a resident in Redruth South I would appreciate your views on the fact that, as things stand at present, CC intend to fund the dredging of Falmouth Harbour to the tune of £23,000,000. A&P will be the main beneficiaries, they in turn are at least 50% owned by Peel Group, possibly now fully owned by them. Peel group has assets of between £6,000,000,000 and £18,000,000,000 and are an offshore company paying no corporation tax in the UK.

    How would you vote if such a proposal to fund the dredging was put before full Council?

    Kind regards,

    David T.

    Answer from Ian Thomas – Independent

    Dear David

    My response is very simple and straight-forward. Whilst I would whole-heartedly support the dredging of Falmouth Harbour, I would not vote to provide any CC financial contribution toward such a proposal. I would suggest that it is the users, owners and the other direct beneficiaries who should be funding the exercise. That’s my short answer.

    The answer that’s a little longer goes something like this …

    Personally, I’d much rather that CC invest their money more wisely on the services that are currently either rising in cost of provision or diminishing in regularity and/or quality or even by the threat to their very existence and the devastating effect that this has on the end-user particularly those ‘in need’. Likewise, I feel, there are a number of capital projects that I would rather see CC invest in. I have to declare an interest, as the Chair of the Archive for Cornwall (Redruth) Working Group and a Redruth Town Councillor, for, by way of an example, we are currently waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the £9.7m bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to bolster the £5m (only?) contribution offered by CC. This particular project would not only bring economic benefit to Redruth through a kick-start to regeneration: the associated public realms work; the flood alleviation scheme; new employment opportunities; increased visitor numbers, it would have a massive impact on our town and its future viability …. but, no doubt, some will say that I am in danger of being too parochial! My answer to that criticism is that Cornwall as a whole would/will benefit hugely from such innovation and investment in our town.

    Whilst this may not be the answer(s) you were looking for or expected, I hope it helps you come to a conclusion.

    My very best wishes.


    Cllr Ian Thomas FCMI
    Redruth Town Council