Sunday, 21 April 2013

Update on questions to candidates

As I posted on here a few days ago, I have sent my list of questions to each candidate. I'm hoping that they all provide interesting and informative answers for the benefit of us voters in Redruth South.

I've asked them to send me their responses by Thursday evening and will publish on this blog all the responses at the same time. This is in order to ensure that none of the candidates obtains an advantage or disadvantage due to timing. If not all candidates have responded I will publish what I have and will not post up any received late.

I've not received any further visits from canvassers this weekend (Albany Road). Any action where you live? If so please post up a comment to tell us what you thought.

If anyone out there has contact details for Ray Wyse (UKIP) please let me know. Efforts to contact this candidate have so far been via the local party office but as yet I've not made direct contact. However I did see an plane fly over with a "Vote UKIP" banner trailing on Saturday. Did anyone else see it?

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